Tenant Screening - Decisioning Tool


  • Web based
  • Score using whatever criteria you like - the most flexible decision tool in the industry
  • Automatically populates scorecard with data from credit reports
  • Powerful reporting tool tracks applicants and decision results
  • Tracks acceptance/declination results by property, and by month
  • Combine the score results of roommates, and generate a summary score.

The ultimately flexible decisioning tool

Choose as many criteria as you wish

Choose whatever criteria you wish

Attach whatever point values you choose

Set the accept/decline point values wherever you choose

The iCreditVision decision tool is simply the most flexible and most adaptable in the market today.


Using the decisioning tool:

The tool was designed with the end-user in mind.

Simply run the credit report

Click on the decisioning button - the card will be generated, populated with linked fields to the report

Fill in whatever criteria might not be included in the credit report, submit the card, and the system returns a score BASED EXACTLY ON YOUR CRITERIA!

Contact sales@icreditvision.com for a demonstration.