Credit Reporting for lenders and lessors - using the iCV Web application  


  • The easiest way of all to use iCreditVision
  • 100% Browser-based - no software installation required!
  • Familiar browser-based layout is user-friendly, quick and accessible on any type of computer configuration.
  • Internet integration gives you the ability to bring your customers entire credit reporting experience into one simple process.
  • Order, view and print merged credit reports in seconds
  • Interface directly to the most popular L.O.S packages - Point, Byte, Genesis, ePass and more
  • Access multiple report types and report formats
  • Be assured of the highest level of security in the industry - secured and certified
  • Access anytime, anywhere with a secure login and password.
  • Have access to multiple products including flood, appraisal, public records and
    much, much - all with the simple click of a button.
  • No need to store reports - we have them in our database, and you can access them days and months later
  • Reports available in HTML, or in a pdf format featuring customized reports tailored to meet your specific business needs.


How it works:

  • The user accesses iCreditVision using an ordinary browser
  • Reports can be ordered, prior reports can be viewed, and pdf format customized reports generated - all from browser screens - it couldn't be easier !
  • The query is processed in the iCV data center, and the requested sources are contacted.
  • The data returned from all sources is merged into one compiled report.
  • The report is delivered within seconds - available in HTML and pdf formats
  • The report is also accessible using the iCreditVision software
  • Retrieve the data days or months later - it is securely stored in our database, so you can re-create the report whenever you need it.

Contact to learn more about this powerful interface,
and put the power of iCreditVision to work for you!