Credit Reporting for lenders and lessors - embed a Credit Reporting Engine in your application


Three interfaces to choose from:

  • API
    • allows interfacing to the iCreditVision engine, using your own application
    • a straightforward, easy-to-create interface
    • No ActiveX, special dll's required
    • that can return text, HTML, pdf, or xml
    • formats
    • including MISMO 2.1
  • Web-based query/response
  • Software based reporting

iCreditVision makes it easy to check credit, and even criminal and eviction information

Customized reports, delivered in pdf format are available - tailored to meet your specific needs.


How it works:

  1. The transaction originates with a query, whether from the iCV Web application, software, or an application using the API - no other hardware or connections are involved.
  2. The query is processed in the iCV data center, and the requested sources are contacted.
  3. The data returned from all sources is merged into one compiled report.
  4. The report can be delivered in HTML, pdf, text, or xml formats.