Credit Reporting for lenders and lessors


  • URL encoded format
    - easy to adapt to your application
    - or use MISMO 2.1 Credit Query - already built into some applications
  • straightforward, easy-to-create interface
  • No ActiveX, special dll's, software package required
    - the engine and database are on our side, not yours!
  • Allows choices of scores, fraud detect, and all other bureau products
  • Chose your response format
    • text
    • HTML
    • pdf
    • XML (proprietary format, or MISMO v2.1)
  • Customized reports, delivered in pdf format are available - tailored to meet your specific needs.
  • Use a combination of query sources - all data is available to you
  • You do NOT need the servers, telephone lines, data lines, and databases to run credit reports
    - we have done it for you!
  • Ultimately scalable - the hardware and data connections are in our data center - not in yours.
  • Distribute the API with your software - your customers can enjoy the speed and functionality, and for the software developer, it is a 'drop-in'.
  • Customize the look-and-feel without having to worry about the processing. iCreditVision is transparent to your customers - they see you !


How it works:

  • The transaction originates with a query sent over the Internet, using the API
    - no other hardware or connections are involved.
  • The query is processed in the iCV data center, and the requested sources are contacted.
  • The data returned from all sources is merged into one compiled report.
  • The report is delivered in HTML, pdf, text, or XML formats - within seconds !
  • The report is also accessible using the iCV Web application, or software
  • Retrieve the data days or months later - it is securely stored in our database.

Contact to learn more about this powerful interface, and put the power of iCreditVision to work for you!