Decisioning for Lenders, Property Managers, Brokers  

More, faster, with less

  • More customers
  • Faster turnaround
  • Less time and labor


  • Increased revenue - make more deals. iCV Decisioning reduces turnaround time in evaluating an application,and allows you to complete the transaction - before they go to someone else.
  • Higher quality decisions. Standardization in the decision process improves process quality. Using the same criteria across the organization create consistent results. Put your best thinking to work across the organization.
  • Integrated information. iCV Decisioning can combine information from web site application data with data from the credit repositories, or other information sources, creating a consolidated look at the applicant.
  • Lower operating costs. The Decisioning tool can replace labor intensive steps in the process.
  • Centralized data. iCV operates a centralized data center, making the information available to authorized users throughout the organization - just using your browser.
  • User Control. The client determines the criteria to use, and the automated steps to take.
  • Lower credit risk. Consistent, objective decisions reduce overall credit risk.
  • Standard process: The same process can be used to take data from other sources (phone, fax, in person) as is used with the web site originated information.
  • More, satisfied customers. Speeding the process improves customer satisfaction, and gets you more of the type of customers that you want.


  • Information can come directly from your web site
  • Rate applicants based on whatever criteria you like
  • Generate a score to decide which to pursue
  • - Use the automated features to automaticaly step through the process, making decisions using your own criteria at each stage of the process
  • Run additional reports directly from the Decisioning Score page
  • Track results with the Decisioning Report Generator
  • Easy to implement - use your existing web site - process is transparent to customer. All of the software runs from our data center - no software installation for the client.

On-Line Brochure

Streamlines your process - improves productivity - saves money

Creates consistent decision making process - all tailored to your individual needs and requirements.

Decision parameters and process is driven by the user - completely flexible, and customized for each client.

Data is evaluates with your input paramters and the results are shown with your output choices - all under the control of the user. You can even choose the colors and graphics!
        See an overview of the results using the Reporting function.    

How it works :

  • Input can come from a web page, direct user input, or from your own proprietary software.

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