Manage all reports, clients, and billing  
  • Internet Enabled software - Eliminate expensive hardware configurations and harness the power of today’s technology. Start processing reports within minutes!
  • Data Center - Central processing saves you time and money, and gives you the ability to expand your business quickly with superior merge logic and unique cost saving features.
  • Customized software - Custom forms created with your business logo, address, telephone numbers and custom report layout.
  • Customizable query screen. Gives you the flexibility to control the amount of functionality and type of reports for each client.
  • Unlimited CreditVision remote user licenses. Add as many customers as you want without additional software costs.
  • Complete billing and real-time reporting for you and your remote customers.
  • L.O.S. package interfaces - Genesissm , Bytesm , Pointsm , Contoursm , Pipelinesm , ePasssm , LoanCommandersm , Empowersm and more.
  • Fannie Mae access
  • Merge/Un-merge - Merge up to 6 reports (Applicant’s XPN, TU, EFX and Co-applicant's XPN, TU and EFX). CreditVision will re-merge the files from scratch so that you always get accurate results. Using this feature, you can add/drop a spouse, add/drop a bureau, and see what the data will look like in a series of "WHAT IF" scenarios. CreditVision will allow you to charge for this feature so every time your client adds/drops a spouse or bureau, so you can make more money !
  • Simple Billing Setup
    Simple screens allow you to assign a base charge, tax percentage to charge, and a surcharge and all of the print settings on one screen. You can assign all of these prices for each client.
    — In-house services pricing ( services you provide in your office).
    — Remote Credit Reports - (services your clients get using the iCV Web application).
    — FNMA Reports - Fannie Mae report pricing
    — FMAC Reports - Freddie Mac report pricing
    — UD Reports - Unlawful Detainer information
    — CRIS Reports - Criminal Information
    — Merge/Un-merge - Merge/Un-merge that your client initiates.
    — Re-occurring charges - Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly charges.
  • E-Statements - Avoid snail mail by providing statements on the Internet for your clients to view.
    — No paper, no postage
  • Service Request - Process work ordered through the new remote feature:
    — SUPP- a check mark under this heading indicates that there are outstanding Service Requests on this document - the iCV Web application user can send them directly to your screen!
    — Open the service request list - by right clicking on that row. When you right click, CreditVision will show you a list of the service requests. Save phone calls and faxes!
  • Save External documents - This feature is unique to CreditVision. This feature allows you to store any computer file in our database. For example, you can scan a 1003 and attach it to a document within CreditVision. Or, you can store data from other sources and eliminate the filing chore. We're getting closer and closer to a paperless office.
  • Broadcast emails - Stay in touch with your clients with broadcast emails.
    You can broadcast emails to your clients, remote users or billing contacts.
  • Bulletins - Display your bulletins on the remote user's desktop when they log into CreditVision
    Advertise your services !
  • E-mail notification to end-users - Notify end-users when a document is waiting to be printed.
  • Credit Card processing - Bill your clients from within CreditVision. No more "The Check's in the mail" excuses.
  • Credit Card on Remote - Charge for a credit report before you process.
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